Union Sound Company (est. May 2015) is the brain-child of Chris Stringer, Leon Taheny, and Ian Gomes. Our love of music, production, and the Toronto music community brought us together to create something that we didn’t see in the current scene. Our goal is to provide a comfortable, high-quality, and affordable recording space to serve the incredible talent within our city and beyond.


Chris Stringer

Chris Stringer


My goal is to create an engaging yet relaxed environment in which bands can perform at their best, and create music that is artful and true to their vision. I pride myself on knowing when to push artists to see potential beyond those they have realized before, to help them broaden their sonic palette, and to see their ideas through in the fullest possible way … all while having a bit of fun, as that’s what this should be!


The Wooden Sky, Elliot Brood, Timber Timbre, Holly McNarland, Jill Barber


Leon Taheny

Leon Taheny


Leon is known for his eclectic mix of production styles. Whether it be taming large orchestral arrangements, adding interesting sonics to electronic music, compressing huge roomy drums, or getting the purest acoustic and vocal sounds, you never know where you will find his name credited. The bands Taheny tends to work with vary in genre and often mix elements to create new and interesting music. His work over the years with long time clients Owen Pallett, Austra and Bruce Peninsula showcase his ability to help the artist move in whichever direction they choose, and his quick adaptation to new technologies allows for a comfortable and creative workflow. Not to mention, Leon has been a member of numerous bands over the years such as Sebastien Grainger and the Mountains, Germans, and Dusted, playing a variety of different instruments. Whether in the studio or on stage, Leon Taheny strives to create new and eclectic music to keep pushing his discovery of sound and style ever forward.


Owen Pallett, Austra, Fucked Up, Bruce Peninsula, Arcade Fire


Ian Gomes


I believe that promoting creativity and excellent performances in a comfortable studio environment is essential in making a great recording. Recordings can be both made and destroyed by the vibe in the room where you are working; I endeavor to capture music in high-fidelity without losing the character of real musicians. My inclination is to make recordings that sound interesting while capturing the listener, rather than sounding ‘technically perfect’ and lacking character.


Odonis Odonis, Hooded Fang, Fake Palms, HSY, Holiday Rambler

The Build



Union Sound Company was built from the ground up by its three owners, Chris Stringer, Leon Taheny, and Ian Gomes between February 2014-2015. It involved an entire demolition of the previously occupied photography studio that was housed in the building. Designed by acoustician John H. Brandt, with additional structural help from Martin Pilschner, and architect Renny Cannon the building was meticulously worked and re-worked into the perfect studio space.

The owners hired a team of local musicians-turned-professional-carpenters to help with every step of the build. Having such an artistic team involved allowed multiple stages of creative thinking to better perfect the space. This injected a comfortable feel, while properly presenting it’s modern, exceptional design.



The Team

Jesse Foster, Peter King, Matt Smith, Matt Cully, Steve Lambke, Scott Gorman, Alex Gamble, Brennan Finlay, Chad Ross, Matt Carlson, Aidan Koper, Mikey Chrichton, Dustin Hawthorne, Mike Bigelow, Adam Seward, Jordy Lucier, Allan Graham, Ben Herman, Jenn Grant, Kate Rogers, Robin Linton, Mike Gomes, Valerie Gomes, Uncle Bob, Mike Abercrombie, Laura Abercrombie, Michael Kaminski, Zach Brehl, Yuri Didrichsons, Katrina Thompkins, Alastair Miller.