Studio A


Studio A

Studio A boasts a large live floor and multiple booths, for a big open room sound, or tight controlled acoustics. The control room is built around a beautiful vintage 1971 Neve 8014 Console with all original 1073’s and 2254e compressors.

We can easily accommodate full bands, string ensembles and small orchestras. Studio A also features a fully private lounge with a living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

Studio A Gear List

Control Room A



This acoustically designed space was built to be the most neutral and ergonomically laid out room in the building – perfect for sculpting each sound through our Barefoot MM27 monitors. The centre piece of the control room is the 1971 Neve 8014, loaded with original 1073’s and 2254e compressors, some of the most sought after vintage recording equipment in the world.

The custom built producers island is filled with a mix of vintage and new gear from such classic companies as API, UREI, Manley, Retro, and Universal Audio. An ample guest panel of 24 i/o is provided to connect extra outboard processing.

Take a look at the Studio A Gear List for information on processing, microphones, and instruments available in the studio.


Live Room



The 800 sq. ft. live room boasts 15ft ceilings and features 5 towering PRD diffusors made from reclaimed barn board. The room was designed to house large bands and can accommodate a 20 piece ensemble, including percussion and piano.

There are a number of extensive tie-line panels located around the room with xlr, instrument, speaker, midi, and headphone system connectivity allowing convenient microphone and player placement.





Studio A features 3 separate isolation booths. ISO booth 1 is a large sized drum booth that can fit a full kit, multiple guitar amps, or even our Yamaha U3 piano. ISO booth 2 is a large vocal booth which provides ample room for a vocalist or solo instrumentalist. Both booths have large isolated windows which create excellent sight lines to the live floor and other booths. Finally, ISO booth 3 is located in the sound lock between the control room and the live room.

Each booth has extensive connection panels with xlr, instrument, speaker, and headphone system connectivity to make micing, re-amping, and inter-room connections a breeze.

Lounge A



When the lunch bell rings, or if you just need a moment away from the music, Studio A’s private lounge is the perfect escape. Curated by interior designer Kate Rogers, the room has ample space for everyone, featuring a kitchen, bathroom, and living room. For entertainment, look towards the 56″ TV with Google Chromecast, so anyone can control their favourite videos or music.

A studio isn’t a studio without a classic vintage Nintendo 64 gaming system; with games such as Goldeneye, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros you won’t want to leave!